CANINE HYDROTHERAPY is very beneficial for treating dogs with health and mobility problems and has been proven as a valuable aid to recovery following surgery, as well as building and toning muscle in show and agility dogs.  It can also assist with controlling canine obesity.


You and your dog will be given a personal consultation to assess individual needs and a programme of hydrotherapy will be tailored to suit these.


Your dog will be fitted with a buoyancy aid and led into the water accompanied by the hydrotherapist.


Your dog will be rinsed off after the session and dried with either a towel or blow drier. We will always give regular feedback to your vet on your dog’s progress.



Hydrotherapy provides a safe environment where the water is clean and warm, aiding muscle relaxation, pain relief and assisting mobility and joint movement.

For more information please visit the Canine Hyhrotherapy Association website.



The standard first line treatments for dogs with health and mobility problems are anti- inflammatory drugs and glucosamine supplements, but dogs can also benefit from complementary therapies including hydrotherapy.  The benefits and scientifically proven, with the reduction in stiffness and an increase in mobility and fitness leading to improved quality of life.







The Canine Hydrotherapy Association (CHA) is a UK based organisation which has led the way in setting benchmark standards for hydrotherapy in this country. 


Every CHA member centre will have a practitioner holding a minimum Level 3 Qualification in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals, plus other relevant, specified modules all recognised within the qualifications and credit framework.


Compulsory CPD (Continuing Professional Development) and regular centre audits ensure that veterinary surgeons, pet insurance companies and – most importantly the dog owner – can use a CHA members centre with confidence.


The CHA holds a register of Qualified Hydrotherapists. Those that have achieved the Qualification in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals (level 3 or above) and satisfied all CHA membership criteria, are entitled to use the post nominal initials of RICHA – Registered Individual of the Canine Hydrotherapy Association.  All qualified individuals operating at a CHA member centre appear on the register. Only those using RICHA have achieved this specific hydrotherapy qualification.


The register also details those members that have achieved CHA membership through other higher professional qualifications whilst also satisfying all CHA membership criteria.


Since the incorporation of the CHA in September 2000, canine hydrotherapy has become a recognised modality in the rehabilitation for many injuries.  Indeed many primary, referral and teaching hospitals have now installed hydrotherapy equipment into their own practices.


The CHA will also conduct research into canine hydrotherapy and welcomes enquiries or contributions from any interested party in this respect.

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